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Voyage recovery social media

Updated: Sep 3, 2018

Social media strategy, content, and moderation for Voyage Recovery Center, an addiction treatment provider in Hobe Sound, FL

Photo credit: John Dornellas

The most important element of a social media presence is voice. To have a voice you must know who and what you are, and what your story is.

Voyage Recovery Center | Addiction Rehabilitation for young men
Voyage Recovery Center homepage

A voice brings life to branded content.

pictures and words become evidence of an un-ignorable life.

It was important to Voyage to quickly establish themselves as a clinical and experiential powerhouse—and quickly. Together we developed a plan that would showcase their unique voice and thought-leadership to establish authority within their oeuvre and capture the hearts and minds of their audience. Social media was an obvious tactic to disperse regular content at a targeted audience that highlighted the elements of the Voyage program that make it truly special.

  • Strategy to convey the adventure, culture and clinical approach of Voyage

  • Creation of an editorial calendar to produce branded content for all Voyage channels

  • Original copy and design for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn posts

  • Attentive moderation to build and engage with the Voyage audience

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