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Updated: Sep 25, 2018

Custom-size one-sheet marketing collateral for a luxury detox and recovery center in Princeton, NJ

Guardian Recovery Network expanded its family of substance use disorder treatment centers with the launch of a new flagship detox and recovery center in Princeton, New Jersey.

Voyage Recovery Center | Addiction Rehabilitation for young men
Voyage Recovery Center homepage

information and elegance comes to life in print and digital.

GRN's marketing team wanted to create a printed piece that would highlight the most important elements of their facility and program, which could be shared with clinical professionals and families in advance of their launch. A “hometown” feel was vital for distinguishing Princeton Detox from their other Florida-based properties.

  • Imagery inspired from the environment around Princeton, NJ grounds the piece in place

  • Two custom-designed front-sides were created to allow marketing teams to A/B test in advance of their center’s launch

  • Branding ties Princeton to the GRN family while also distinguishing it from other properties

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