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MCM Brochure

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

A meditation guru in West Palm Beach, FL who wanted to expand his marketing reach in an elegant and effective way.

Matt Cardone teaches Vedic meditation to the who's-who of West Palm Beach, and also hosts a series of free events to spread the word.

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a local business with a global outlook, matt travels the world and needs collateral to move with him.

A local meditation guru, and the only of his kind in the state of Florida, was looking to expand his market in Palm Beach County and beyond. As most of his business was coming from free local events and word-of-mouth referrals, he wanted a memorable piece of marketing collateral to use in tandem. We created a custom-sized bifold brochure that he could distribute at events and give to clients to share with their friends that would be easy to transport and beautiful to look at.

  • Provide information on the range of services he provides, not just introductory meditation courses but also advanced, private, and corporate courses

  • Motivate traffic to flow to his website to sign-up for free events and paid courses

  • Elegant, luxurious, and accessible look and feel to appeal to an affluent clientele

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