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Want an easy-to-use and super-intuitive day planner that's perfect for keeping creative minds on track? 

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As a freelance creative, I was frustrated by the restrictive format of typical planners that map out work days based on hours rather than tasks. There wasn’t enough room for the things I needed to record, and too much space devoted to scheduling.  


Balancing multiple clients, often several client projects in a single day, I needed to capture and track all the elements and steps of client projects discretely with a flexible space to add notes or diagrams. 


And so was born the Creative Planner.

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This undated planner begins with blank monthly calendars for an easy top-level view.

Plan up to six months in advance, plus keep track of notes and reminders with plenty of space for jotting.


Trying to track a habit? Fill it in on the top of the calendar and use the daily box to X off the days. 


Easily track your projects and client work with

the two-page daily spread.


Customize the planner to your schedule with up to 3 months of 5-day workweeks.  


Use the Morning Review section the night before to set your intention for the day to come.


Focus on personal priorities (like invoicing)

or a habit (like exercise) with

a dedicated space to track that too! 

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Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 2.07.32 PM.png


The left side of each daily two-page spread is devoted to mapping out your workday. 

Large blocks to keep all the components of up to three clients or projects together. Hollow bullets make checking off tasks simple and visual. 

Use abbreviations or color-coding (or both!) to label each content block.

At the bottom, a mini block for things that spring up out of nowhere!


The right side of each daily two-page spread is where you’ll find a massive area for notes and drawings.


You can even use sticky-notes and transfer them between pages daily to keep track of more elements of a project than you can handle at once.


We may not be ruled by the clock, but there is a small area to keep track of time sensitive things like deadlines, meetings or appointments. 

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 2.07.32 PM.png


New designs with updated features added regularly! 

Collect each design! 

Do you love your planner, do you have questions, or an idea for a feature? Get in touch! 

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